Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

I remember that as a child, when the weekend came around, I had the TV for myself. I could choose from any VHS we owned and watch a film while my parents slept in. But then I found a whole other movie shelf in a room that was basically a "we don't have a place for it, so let's throw it in there" kinda room. And my parents hid every film I was too young to watch in there. But as every child would do, I went through all the films to find something that looked interesting. And I found The Phantom Menace. The cover looked so cool with all the costumes and make-up, Darth Maul was my new hero, and Padmé my queen. And I hadn't even seen it. Keep in mind I was probably 5-6 years old. So when I asked my mom if I could watch it, she said no. I was too young. Every once in a while I would ask again, but she kept declining. I got a Darth Maul-cap that I would wear every winter, but couldn't watch the film yet. Then after a few years of nagging, she finally gave in. I have never been so disappointed, and didn't even bother with the rest of the films until 3 years ago when I watched every single one. But boy, those years of just watching the cover and imagining the story of that film. Yeah, that was the last time I had positive thoughts about a Star Wars-prequel

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