2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

It's 9:00 pm central time. I'm sober, slightly eager and rather anxious, then again, I’m always anxious. Coffee seems to be the drink of choice for most, but I'll have a cup of tea instead. It relaxes me.

-The music certainly puts my puny audio system to the test.
-I rather like this version of the MGM logo.
-Also sprach Zarathustra! This is, without a doubt, my favourite opening sequence ever... screw it, I'm rewinding it.
-The logo, again.
-Look at that gorgeous dawn. Now, this is what Blu-Ray was made for.
-Die, monkey, die!
- Seeing the monkeys caressing the monolith makes me wonder what it feels like.
-These monkeys started killing each other as soon as they discovered how to do so.
-The iconic bone scene, I’m reminded of the film Good Bye Lenin! In which the main character’s friend remakes this scene with random footage from weddings.
- Blue Danube!
- I love those chairs. They wouldn’t be out of place in a museum exhibition of designer furniture. Yes, there’s such a thing as a museum exhibition of designer furniture.
-You can actually read the Zero Gravity Toilet instructions. Further proof that everything is better in HD.
-The monolith seems to be okay with being touched, but it doesn’t like to be pictured.
-Have a Happy Birthday, random 60s looking girl.
-Movie predicts tablets.
-“Happy Birthday, Frank”
-I always forget that there’s at least one other 9000 series computer on Earth. Does that make HAL the evil twin? Leaving the bad jokes aside, I wonder if they share the same personality traits.
-Either HAL is intelligent enough to learn how to read lips on his own, or some random scientist thought it would be a brilliant idea to add that particular function for no apparent reason.
-Oh yeah, this movie has an actual intermission. I’ll take it as my cue to go get a sandwich or something.
-“Explosive bolts” The law of Chekhov's gun in action.
-“Life functions terminated” quite probably, the quietest triple murder ever committed on film.
-“12th of January, 1992” Happy Birthday, HAL!

-I don’t really know what else to write without getting into a long, passionate dissertation on one of my all time favourite films, so let’s call it a night.

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