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  • The Secret of Dr. Orloff

    The Secret of Dr. Orloff


    "Sería feliz si hiciera realidad mis ilusiones..."

    Pretty grim for a Christmas movie though.

    Jazz, architecture, mad doctors and nudity. Another nice piece of patchwork on the great Franco fabric.

    You really can't watch a Franco movie as a discreet, individual piece. It just exists as part of some continuum. And for better or worse, you always feel like you're waking up when it's over.

  • The Man without a Face

    The Man without a Face


    A murderer is on the loose but the detective hunting him is completely cracking up. By night, in the expressionistically designed and fog-laced soundstage of dreamland, the detective is haunted by the killer who always tormentingly appears without a face. Repression and guilt are everywhere in this movie and a big percentage of the run time is given over to a preponderance of psychoanalytic speechifying. Ultimately the ideas don't add up to much but it's all directed with the impoverished…

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  • Blood Circus

    Blood Circus

    Adam Curtis' Blood Circus:

    This is the story of how, with the rise of individualism, we all stopped defining ourselves by politics and being part of collective groups, and believing in collective ideas. Instead, we have started to define ourselves by our culture, because wrestlers and space aliens give expression to our individual identities, rather than supressing them in the greater interest of the group.

    At the heart of the story is a man called Bob Harris, who produced a…