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  • Diamonds



    Richard Roundtree saying "tookus".

  • The Secret of Dr. Orloff

    The Secret of Dr. Orloff


    "Sería feliz si hiciera realidad mis ilusiones..."

    Pretty grim for a Christmas movie though.

    Jazz, architecture, mad doctors and nudity. Another nice piece of patchwork on the great Franco fabric.

    You really can't watch a Franco movie as a discreet, individual piece. It just exists as part of some continuum. And for better or worse, you always feel like you're waking up when it's over.

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  • Los Angeles Plays Itself

    Los Angeles Plays Itself


    Not a lot of film criticism is this completely thrilling. Even most of the throwaway opinions that Thom Anderson casually slips into this ocean of excerpts crack like fireworks. Not only does he appreciate GONE IN 60 SECONDS for being the first movie centered in the South Bay and for having a literalist approach to screen geography, he extols H.B. Halicki for realizing Dziga Vertov's dream of an anti-humanist cinema of bodies and machines in motion. "A materialist masterpiece that…

  • Succubus



    "Are you afraid of Dracula?" "No." *camera pans to godzilla toy* "How about this dinosaur?"

    A moebius strip masterpiece of cinema-narcotic sleaze dreams.