I don't believe in objective film criticism.

Every movie starts with five stars.

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  • Addams Family Values

    Addams Family Values


    Just realized the camp scenes were filmed at/around the same camp I was forced to attend the summer after this movie was released. The film is an accurate depiction of my experience there!

    (Just kidding. Mostly.)

  • Oscar



    Peter Riegert and Elmer Bernstein are the MVPs.

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  • Aloha



    The apartment two doors down from mine caught fire at 5 a.m. today. My place was miraculously unscathed, but it was still harrowing. I guess this is a "comfort movie" for me? Heartfelt and strange, my favorite combination.

  • Mannequin Two: On the Move

    Mannequin Two: On the Move


    My mom was in the hospital for several hours today and I couldn't be there. While I sat and waited for updates, I wanted to watch something quick, dumb, comforting, nostalgic - something that would take my mind off the wait, and the stress, and the uncertainty. Something that would make me feel better.

    This movie came out when I was 10 and I probably saw it at least fifteen times in the theater, so it fit the bill perfectly.…