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  • Love in the Afternoon

    Love in the Afternoon

    Another quality Rohmer, this one set on the busy streets of Paris. It’s a perfect end to the end to the Six Moral Tales, wrapping up the series’ themes of fantasy and desire and temptation and transgression up nicely. The prologue gets you acquainted with married Frederic, and exposes you to his fantasies of the women he sees on the street during his lunch break. Everyone has an inner world where they speculate about strangers, and I think that’s dramatized…

  • Claire's Knee

    Claire's Knee

    Definitely my favorite of the Rohmers I’ve seen so far. The placid, picturesque Lake Annecy and the sophisticated costuming belie the moral conflict at the center of it. Self-centered and engaged Jerome’s desire to touch young and taken Claire’s titular knee. It’s a simple temptation, not overly lurid, but it’s still a transgressive act. 
    Jerome is manipulative and articulate, and the conversations he has with the guests in his lake house on aging, desire, love, etc, are both refreshingly candid and…

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  • To Boldly Flee

    To Boldly Flee


    Kemonofriendzone & chat there’s no way I would have done this without you and fuck you for that. Doug Walker’s career has damaged art irreparably and he has no soul.

  • Joker


    I did it. I watched the movie. The movie we’ve all been arguing and snarkily posting about for weeks. And... idk it was pretty good.
    I mean this script is a mess. It was either not written enough times or written too many times. It has so many themes and diversions that are just kind of gestured at (including a criminal misuse of Zazie Beetz for a predictable, totally inconsequential “twist.”) Hey! You ever think about class conflict? Mental…