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  • Friday


    Bit patchier than I remembered but flashes of comedic genius. Ice Cube’s really big bowl of cereal just kills me

  • She's All That

    She's All That

    It would be so nice if there were mid budget comedies in the cinema. Got this confused with Get Over It and spent the whole movie waiting for Sisquo to show up

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  • Louis Theroux's Forbidden America

    Louis Theroux's Forbidden America

    Increasingly think Louis is a relic of the 1990s we need to leave behind. Whilst he’s become more self aware and contrite about how exploitative his films can be (watch some of the Weird Weekends films and he is often essentially laughing at people to their face), the basic problem remains - giving people airtime isn’t always a very good way to actually understand them.

    In this film where he interviews America First gamer nazis he very much fails to get…

  • Help


    Imo these kinds of social realist issue films are useless if they don’t get broadcast on tv in a timely fashion. The whole point of them is to use melodrama to shape a real world political conversation. Without that immediacy they are flat aesthetically and ineffective politically. It’s the difference between the early, lively Ken Loach prompting debates in parliament that changed policy, and the irrelevant late Ken Loach getting yeeted from the Labour Party with barely any pushback, because…