Parasite ★★★★★

Poverty's a bitch. For those who don't suffer they don't have idea how is it like to live, to be grateful, to cherish without being completely ignorant to others. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you're behaviorally a perfect person, in complete contrast to what a certain character say in this.

At first it plays like a complete opposite to Easy A, except instead of trying to gain a bad fame, they tried to gain a trust to the family they're about to "work" with. The timing, the humor et all is just as similar.

However, things began to change when the second act occur. I won't spoil much of the film but I'll give a point here: Poverty can make a culture, a behavior, a trauma. When you're 'converted' into someone's "slave", you're going to worship your converter as a "God", the one that feeds you, gives you a living when in fact, they're the ones who took your life, your freedom, as if they own it.

Freedom ain't free, and not everyone can get it. Capitalists are so fucking ignorant they don't care about us. They only cared about what's in our pocket while completely ignore our emotions and awareness to society. And yet, only very, very few realized it. It's quite saddening.

Never before my eyes got opened wide since I saw Laskar Pelangi in theaters 11 years ago.

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