Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

Spring Breakers

Alien: Look at all 'ma shit!

Easy to dismiss, difficult to recognise. Spring Breakers definitely isn’t for the average movie goer, however at the same time, is. It is a mesmerising trance of a movie which critically explores the ideologies of a today’s youth. And whilst it is marketed at the very audience it secretly offends, it is really meant for those who can look past movie norms. The characters rather than being used to convey the story, ARE the story, of which they actually play a very small part in the ultimate, metaphorical delivery of.

I really liked Spring Breakers, and despite my troubles in convincing anyone at school that it is anything more the ‘ass and tities’, as they most delicately put to me, you should go into this movie open minded and with a curious headspace.

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