Eternity and a Day ★★★★★


MY ONLY REGRET ANNA - but is it only one? - is to not have finished anything. I left all as a draft, SHATERED WORDS HERE AND THERE....

Bruno Ganz portrays Alexandre, a Greek poet who awaits his imminemt death, and prepares to go to hospital the next day. He is a man who is patiently in search for his life’s ultimate meaning, in the cource of his wanderings, he encounters a young Albanian boy who’s banishment from his country strikes a chord with Alexandre’s own personal struggles such that he must not let the boy fall in the hands of Traffickers. Alexander wanders through the city, haunted by the visions of his past, all the while thinking on his mortality and on his own self-imposed isolation. In the beginning of the film, the little boy has no past to recall - he hardly has any expression on his face, as his relationship with Alexander deepens, both of them regain their ability to mourn, and smile.

It is memory that is needed by us - as human beings , to become ourselves, and without memory we will indeed fall to Melancholia. This idea seems to fit ETERNITY AND A DAY, for it is memories that bring the protagonist and his young friend to life.

Stranger, Me, Very Late, My little flower, My little flower...ETERNITY AND A DAY invites and encourages us to garner the blessings of true connection with others, but here’s the thing, these are the same words that are put in front of us earlier, foreshadowing what we are experiencing, what Alexandre has experienced and at the same time pointing out our incapability to recognise this extremely omnipresent lack of realisation and going through the same human emotions that have lead us this far ( Making the character realise something while making him repeat the same mistake with us not realising it, which is the point ), for where we are at this moment is not just a sum total of the choices we have made but that there is something inconceivable that is beyond human understanding but is as significant as our choices.

On the last night of his life, Alexandre and the boy take a magical ride on a bus where their senses come alive to the adventure of being. The boy then leaves Alexandre on a ship, which left me with one of the most heartbreaking revelations i have experienced. For me Seaside was a happy place, nothing melancholic could happen near water, i had seen a family laugh, A happy home near the beach , but the boy leaving Alexandre by the ship left me with a felling of desolation, that would take some time recovering from.

Angelopolus’s awesomely fluid camera, moving slowly, smoothly, mirror the invariability of the sea and the horizon to the point that you cannot clearly see the horizon, and people seem to be walking alongside roads with ships floating in the sky...

This is as good as a MOVIE can be...

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