One of the world’s most influential and provocative filmmakers, the Austrian director Michael Haneke diagnoses the social problems of contemporary Europe with devastating precision and artistry. Composed almost entirely of brilliantly shot, single-take anecdotes focusing on characters connected to singular minor incidents usually in Paris. Haneke finds his match in Isabelle Huppert, who delivers electric and damm near perfect, quietly seething performance particularly as Erika, in La pianiste (2001).
Frame within frame, voyeurism, staged realism, long held shots, 4th wall breaking in Funny games, sadism, violence in media are some common themes, style that you will notice in Haneke’s work. He’s so prolific that he can easily be someone’s favourite director, and in my opinion his movies are going to age soo well that he’s going be recognised as one of the all time greats alongsides the giants such as Fellini, Cassavetes, Bresson, Ozu, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Welles (Literally a giant).

  • The Piano Teacher


  • The White Ribbon


  • Amour


  • Funny Games


  • Caché


  • Happy End