King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

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Whatever happened to Fay Wray? / That delicate satin draped frame

It's pretty easy to see why this became the classic that it did. The effects are amazing for 1933, between the groundbreaking stop-motion, the animatronics, and the wonderful matte painting, they even hold up well compared against films made twenty, or even forty or fifty years later. The characters are stock, and the story is minimal, but Fay Wray is lovely, and you're here for the spectacle and the entertainment, not the story.

King Kong is not only incredibly influential, but it's still a fun and entertaining adventure, even nine decades after it was made. There are some outdated depictions of minorities and women, but those are pretty typical of films of this era and I've definitely seen worse. Setting that aside, this is a film every film love should see and definitely deserving of a place in any list of must-see films before you die. There's a reason they keep doing remakes.

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