Frozen II ★★★½

For some reason during the end credits of this film there are two covers for two of the songs from the film, one by Panic at the Disco and the other by Weezer. I don’t know who heard these songs and thought that they needed to be covered by these two specific bands for the sole purpose of playing during the end credits, but it’s there, and I hate it. It’s just so cringy. Other than that, I’ve now seen this three times, and it’s been equally enjoyable every time. The story isn’t really as good as the first film, but the animation here is phenomenal and so are the songs for the most part. Again, not as good as the songs from the first film, but still really catchy and fun to listen to. I particularly like Some Things Never Change. I find myself humming it a lot because it just gets stuck in my head.

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