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This review may contain spoilers.

My favorite MCU project in a long while. So creative and well realized. Loved how they went through different sitcom eras so seamlessly, and with so much care and attention to detail. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany give some of their best performances I’ve seen from them in the MCU here. They have so much chemistry and work off each other so well. My only major complaint really is the finale episode. Not because it didn’t end in some fan theory way, but mainly because it ended exactly like I expected it to, and that was sort of disappointing to me really. For a show that was being so different and creative for an MCU project, for it to just sort of deliver the same old thing I’d expect from something like this was whatever really. Not a bad ending by any means, and I did love a few key moments in that finale episode. Also, maybe this is just me, but I have trouble buying Kathryn Hahn as this villain character. I think she is really great here mostly, but when it was revealed that she was a villain of sorts, it sort of didn’t really do it for me in the end. She comes off as too goofy for me to take her seriously as this villain character. I think this is just me though as others seemed to enjoy that twist. But overall, great show, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I am looking forward to what is coming next in the MCU. I haven’t said that in awhile, so it’s nice to be excited again about this.

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