Oh Lucy!

i really have trouble with a certain type of minimalism in storytelling wherein there is space left w/ the presumed intention of leaving room for a viewer to project their own experience and read the depth into the text. if there is no specificity behind the text i don't think there can be that much depth inherently. and i vastly more enjoy when text is hyper-specific as an experience to the point where the context lies completely with the creator and they do not need to place it into the text, so that it becomes a loose thing, rooted still (necessarily) but able to be pinned down by anyone. at this point there is more room for projection from the viewer and more poignancy. not to say that i hate this film, i just hate the way that it was treated in a class setting as something extremely beautiful and poignant and profound when all the work was left to the viewer to read the depth into it. it is a lot of empty space and a lot of nothing and then an ending seemingly programmed 2 be moving. and inherently i don't think it's saying that much. like: human connection = good, whatever whatever. i think it can be and has been said better.

but of course there is merit here. and like i don't know why it compels me to tear it apart like this when it in fact is very uninsulting and unassuming. anyway it is like 5 am why am i writing this instead of sleeping :( OK yes i think it is the self-congratulation from certain types of people (in this case 2 white woman professors) for watching and choosing for festival and then teaching this shit as performance of wokeness when i don't think they even understand the very simple cultural difference INVOLVED it's not that good it's just not in english so you get to enjoy the exoticism in tandem with the caucasian dopamine hit of knowing you are a good person for liking something. holy shit why am i so mean at this hour. fuck when will this relaxing video i have open on youtube end so that i can tell myself to sleep and finally get into bed, screenless