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  • Doctor Strange
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Interstellar
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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  • Deadpool


  • The Da Vinci Code


  • Contact


  • Fear Street: 1978


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  • Death Note

    Death Note

    No, we don't need any live action anime adaptation.
    No we don't want Netflix to ruin the anime experience.
    Just stick with the original.
    The only best thing they have done is casting William dafoe as Ryuk. Hence why this movie gets ½ star.
    For the love of god just ignore this movie.

  • Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

    Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins


    I wan on my phone the whole time scrolling through instagram while watching the movie at the same time.

    The overall story of this movie is fine but the flow of the story carried throughout the movie is just flat and boring.
    Some fight scenes are good but when it comes to the case of sword fighting, they have tried something but failed tbh.
    I have very mixed opinion in acting department and dialogue choice

    • Action (Some fight…

Popular reviews

  • Loki



    Marvel didn't have to approve shows for the side characters like loki, wanda, falcon, winter soilder but they did which tells us that marvel really do care about these characters.

    Loki series have paved the path ;) for the future of the marvel in terms of what can they do with the connection to the multiverse arc from the comics by bringing up Xmen to the MCU( hopefully).

    I'm glad that these characters are getting there own show not to…

  • The Tomorrow War

    The Tomorrow War


    You know this is gonna be a entertaining movie when IGN gave it 3/10 rating.

    The tommorow war adapts the common genre where alien/foreign bodies invade our home planet for some reason and earth has to defend itself.
    Even though the introduction to the movie is weak but it will eventually build up the pace with great edge of the seat action and some character development.
    There are some plot holes in it but let your brain rest and enjoy…