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  • Hellraiser



    “We’ll tear your soul apart!”
    - Hellraiser guy

    Everything about this movie is sadomasochistic. It’s demented, sexual and disgustingly beautiful. I have a hard time watching this movie and not feeling completely disturbed and on edge afterwards and I love it.

    This movie is a marvel of practical effects. The films use of stop motion and makeup sets the bar for what every movie should aspire to aim for. This is very much a situation like The Evil Dead where…

  • Priest



    "After all, if you're not committing sin... you're not having fun."
    - Judge Dredd

    I use to really enjoy this movie when I was younger but upon rewatch I realized I was just an easily entertained kid. Not only do I think this movie could’ve been awesome with a better director but I also think it should’ve been 10-15 minutes longer to explain a bunch of the world building and universe issues that plague me like how the Monsignors would…

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  • Hellboy



    Hellboy kissed Baba Yaga in this movie and now I have a David Harbour/Keanu Reeves fanfic.

    So this movie was kind of a mess and after years of begging for a Guillermo sequel we got the watered down version. Nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it and nobody really supported it. I do think this would have made a better HBO series than a movie however as this movie gets some things right.


  • Hellboy



    Crazy how David Harbour tried to live up to this.

    This movie is pretty good. Definitely aged better than I would've hoped. Guillermo Del Toro went all in with the effects never compromising practical unless absolutely necessary. He has a great direction with the film that's dark, mysterious, wicked but also at time family friendly.

    The film has pretty good pacing, it introduces our characters and throws us right into the action. The music isn't all that great, I don't…

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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    Why'd they have to treat my boy Abe Sapien like that?

    We very much have a King Kong scenario here where the beast falls in love with the woman which inevitably leads to it's demise. I really enjoyed this film and the themes presented, they're themes not unfamiliar to us and we have seen them in more beloved films however they're executed very well in this creature feature.

    The Pros: The movie knows how to build suspense, we don't get…

  • Se7en



    Everything about Se7en is perfect. 
    There isn't one scene in the entire movie that feels out of place, there isn't one bad performance, there aren't any bland cliché's, loose ends or cheap thrills. The entire movie earns every ounce of suspense, every shocking moment and every moment of unpleasantness.

    The atmosphere is miserable and sour befitting with the type of world that's illustrated by Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman's character. We never learn which city it's taken place in giving…