Enola Holmes ★½

Short version: I didn't like it

Why did you guys think this movie was good? Was it the cinematography, the budget or Millie Bobby Brown because this movie was incredibly poorly written. This film is like having a main quest but interrupting that main quest to do a side quest that has nothing to do with each other and then completing the main quest by completing the side quest. What did I just watch?

The movie focuses on Enola Holmes the sister of fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes as she tries to find her mother by finding this Marquees that she has a crush on even though the two don't link at all.

The Pros: The cinematography looks really good. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill do a good job in their roles even if Henry Cavill is a bit miscast.

The Cons: Everything else. This is a movie with so many themes and so little direction. The story is disjointed, sloppy, filled with logical and narritive errors meant solely to get us from one scene to the next. Like Enola just knowing her mother would be in London for no reason or deciding she has to hide from her brothers by dressing like a lady when she was in a perfectly good disguise that she uses later in the film. The Marquees is being hunted to prevent some bill being passed but we're not told explicitly what the bill is or what would happen if the bill passes so the stakes aren't even explored. The movie tries to frame Enola as if she's this free spirited, independent, feministic character but never tries to adhere to the alternative that perhaps Mycroft is right by sending her away since Enola and her mother destroyed the house inside and out and left it in shambles with no sense of order to be found. Mycroft is a literal caricature. He has this rant very early on in the movie about how Enola is a wildling and that's the movies attempt at telling us that Mycroft is not a goodman towards Enola but look at the house, she absolutely requires some level of orderliness in her life, she doesn't even gotta like boarding school, noone likes bording school but you learn valuable lifelong lessons and skills nonetheless. Yeah Enola's mother is the free spirit of the family but she's also the most irresponsible mother on the planet, doesn't matter if she made her read all the books in their library. Everybody just talks down to Sherlock Holmes for no fucking reason other than to tell him he's living in a man's world when the guy's just trying to do his fucking job.

I get it, it's a quirky, fun and a free spirited mystery and I'd be hard-pressed to say I didn't like anything about this movie but this doesn't hold up under any sort of scrutiny. The plot is a complete mess and the film frames everyone, other than Enola, just doing what they think is right as horrible mysoginistic people. This is about 2 hours when it felt like 4. This is a tiring and pretentious movie with a dull disjointed plot that only teenage girls can appreciate.

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