John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★½

John Wick: I cut off my finger for the sole opportunity to kill you Winston and save myself.
Winston: Talknojustsu*

John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabullium is where everyone finally jumped off the hype train and unanimously said “we never want to see another action sequence ever again.”. The movie starts with John Wick, now excommunicado, on the run because on the hour he’ll be hunted. The movie makes the mistake of thinking more is more with its script. More action scenes, more scenes of people showing John Wick respect rather than killing him, more extensive world building that makes me believe in all this even less.

Now the action sequences do a good job of being unique and TRIES not to be repetitive. We get some motorcycle and horse action, a full blown knife fight, Halle Berry and her dogs are an excellent new addition and we even get an assault type of finale which I really liked. The problem is there’s WAY TOO MANY. Not only that but they go on forever. The finale with Mark Dacascos and his goons is so fucking exhausting, I’m pretty sure that one fight takes about 15 minutes with 15 minutes of action already before that. The problem isn’t that there’s too much action it’s that the runtime and the story didn’t warrant as much as it showed. It’s not like Black Hawk Down where the entire movie is an action scene but the setting reflects that environment.

Acting is about the same. I think it may be a bit worse just because Keanu Reeves seems more on auto pilot with this role than in the previous movies. I also don’t think there’s enough substance in it all. I don’t know how John Wick feels about anything since he’s gotten back in the game, I don’t know if he’s frustrated, annoyed, tired, excited, sad or just doing it. And I think that’s the worst part this feels like a movie where the main character does things. Like he’s assigned to kill Winston by the Assassin Buddha or wherever he went and then just flips his allegiance as if he didn’t just cut off his ring finger (the finger he had his wedding ring on) for the chance to kill Winston. 

Asia Kate Dillon plays an insufferable cunt in this movie. Probably a nice person but their character is an insufferable cunt.

Now for the things I liked. Once again, the action scenes are entertaining as hell up until the end. The neon aesthetic is always very vibrant and engaging and I also really like the cameos these movies present. Like Morticia Addams plays John Wicks adoptive mother in this movie. 

The movie just feels very unnecessary. It ends in the same exact place we begin. Need I say more?

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