Favorite films

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • Pusher II
  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  • Victim

Recent activity

  • Ticket to Paradise

  • BlackBerry

  • John Mulaney: Baby J

  • Defending Your Life

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  • Blue


    we met on the first day of high school. 

    it was health class, first period. the class buzzed with students eager to find their seats. I sat down next to her. she told me she remembered me from elementary school (I didn’t, and I still don’t).

    we quickly became friends, and so began freshman year. we started our own club and eventually made more friends. we spent the year studying, playing, messing around like normal kids. 

    sophomore year passed, as…

  • Serial Experiments Lain

    Serial Experiments Lain

    there are many versions of me.

    there’s the me I show strangers, the me I show my mom, the me I show my dad, the me I show one friend, the me I show another.

    then there’s online me. there’s tumblr me, letterboxd me, twitter me.

    every time I remake, delete, refresh, etc. is like a rebirth; the internet providing us with the power to make or destroy an entire identity in the span of seconds.

    there are infinite versions of…