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    March Around the World '21: film #2

    Changed my Danish pick when this came available, I can always watch Nymphomaniac....right?

    Bleak, political, competently made and acted out, but to me this is severely lacking tension. A tension that is very significant in engrossing you in a film where most of the running time is spent being chased around a fictitous part of Copenhagen, meant to resemble Malmö's infamous Rosengård. For those not familiar Rosengård is district in the Swedish city,…

  • Tunnel



    March Around the World '21: film #1

    Yes, yes, I'm a slow starter, but what else is new....
    Didn't love this one, but it did the job regarding me wanting to dive back into Korean cinema once more.
    There are lots of great reasons why, but the one evident here that made me miss it so much is the adorable way Koreans act (on film at least) when they're exacerbated. It's that certain sound they make. It might be a…

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    I grew up reading about the actual case from a small community in the middle of Norway.
    Lindholm and Vinterberg's story is of course altered for dramatic effect, as well as shortened the amount of time it took to resolve.
    I was only in my teens, without any sort of knowledge about the particular community/invidivuals or the basis of proof, but I remember it never sitting quite right with me. As the Danish title refers to, it absolutely felt like…

  • Her



    Thank you.
    Thank you, Spike Jonze. Thank you, Joaquin Phoenix. Thank you, Scarlett Johansson. Thank you, Amy Adams. Thank you, 2013. Most of all, thank you, Her.

    I don't know excactly what I expected, I tried to go in knowing as little as possible, but I definitely didn't expect anything close to what I got.
    With Her, Jonze has given this generation, and hopefully many more, the greatest romance of our time, with a spin that is handled with love…