Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★

Now, I know I shouldn't let this out, as I will slide like an avalanche down the waiting list for acceptance into The High Order of Over-Achieving Cinephiles, or "hoax" as they like to refer to themselves as, but here goes nothing: Certified Copy was my introductory film into the talented cinematic world of Abbas Kiarostami.
It definitely didn't disappoint.

Kiarostami lays out a story about the worth, authenticity and beauty of a copy, or fake if you will. Wether that copy be a statue, a painting, a person or maybe a relationship.
Kiarostami's approach to the story is an ingenious one, and you certainly have to keep both eyes peeled open, and your ears perched, as it gets intricate at times.
The two leads (perfected by Binoche and impressive newcomer Shimmell) engage in intellectual small talk that smoothly transforms into a playful game of "what if".
And here is where it gets tricky. The "what if" part of the film is intertwined with visual hints that may or may not certify the authenticity of it's scenario. Is it really a copy? If so, what parts of it?
While your mind boggles with a million thoughts, your eyes fall in love with Tuscany, seen through the mesmerizing lense of Luca Bigazzi.

Certified Copy is a film that will definitely grow on you upon repeated viewings, but it's a damn fine film the first time around as well.

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