Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★½

It's very difficult to talk, ahem write, about this film without going into specifics.
As my rating is lower than most, I still feel I have to justify it somewhat.
If only for my own benefit.

It doesn't start out on a very high footing, with the meet-cute, but soon enough the story takes a delightful and sprawling turn for the better. Both in the present and through Pike's voice-over, the elaborate stabs at a matrimony from hell plays out.
Both in terms of who did what, if it was done, and who is to blame, the blame game shifts to and fro the two protagonists with every new twist of the tale.
I know I personally aligned with one, then the other, and then back to the first one again.
It's not a particularly short film, but there's not much "dead air" to be found.

I'm so pleased for Rosamund Pike. As far as I've seen at least, she hasn't had an abundance of parts she could really sink her teeth into, and she flourishes as the Gone Girl. A star making turn, and as such should be rewarded soon enough, both in prizes and work.
The casting job overall, is a bit hit and miss. It seems Fincher wanted to play a bit here as well. Affleck, Harris, Ratajkowski and Affleck fall short, but Perry shines, Pyle does what she is best at and Carrie Coon joins Pike up top.

The score by Ross and Reznor stays in the background throughout, and in this case this is very much to its credit. A trusted pair, and they continue to do little wrong.

You're now starting to wonder about the rating, right? It's hard to pinpoint in a shallow fashion while being conscious of spoilers, but in short it is a result of fewer and fewer events adding up into a satisfying finale, even if the film does manage to land on its feet in the very end.

I will remember this film for the breakout of Carrie Coon and what should be the promotion of Rosamund Pike to the A-list.

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