March Around the World 2018

The Challenge
Watch and review 30 feature films from 30 different countries in the month of March including 1 film from the featured country (see below). No rewatches.

The rules
1. Feature films only (over 60 min). No re-watches.
2. One film must be from the featured country: any African country excluding Egypt, Algeria and South Africa. Note: Nigeria has a fairly large film industry. Let's try and select a variety of countries. Also, make it crystal clear in your lists or reviews which country you are using as your featured country.
3. Log your films as soon as you watch them and apply two tags:
30 countries 2018 and
the country the film is from, e.g., Germany
4. Films must be reviewed during the month of March (to review a previously logged film go to your diary and edit the diary entry to add a review.
5. Forget the rules. Just watch some foreign films in March.

Read notes
  • Paddington
  • Bad Day for the Cut