Parasite ★★★★★

Thank the heavens my blu ray arrived today, and curse the devil that there is no 4K UHD disc to buy.

This is such a masterfully comprised piece of ebb and flow, knows how to lift and sink and ride high and dive low, it truly is extremely easy to lose yourself in it and suddenly it’s act three and the film is bracing for its big crescendo. I got a horrible feeling in my heart recently that this won’t win any Oscars. I know it’s stupid to care about them, especially since they, without fail, manage to choose at least three bad choices for BP every year. But to pretend they don’t matter and that they don’t have a hold and impact over the industry/discourse is disingenuous. The Oscars should make the right choices, and not choosing this movie for at least half its nominations would be a fuckup of the most embarrassing caliber.

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