Assassination Nation ★★★★½

Wow.. is there anything scarier than straight men? Absolutely not
I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it starts out as some bubblegum pink indie film surrounding a group of sexually assured and confident young girls but barely 10 minutes in you can feel something dark is to come and by the halfway point we’re thrown into this ultraviolent chaos that the hackings in Salem have created. I really loved seeing this group of girls have such an inseparable strong bond but in retrospect my only real complaint over this film would be that I wish Sarah and Em weren’t so underused, I feel like I barely heard or saw them compared to Lilly and Bex regardless of that though it was refreshing seeing this group of women be there for each other no matter what, even with a group of psychotic men dripping in toxic masculinity out for their blood. Overall I thought this film was a visually stunning and entertaining (although disturbing at times) modern retelling of the Salem Witch Trials and I would definitely recommend people to watch it!