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  • Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

    Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins


    *samara weaving walks*
    the director: that’s so cool, shake that goddamn camera

    an endless barrage of choppy action, explanations, and re-explanations (which helped because I missed the first 10 minutes) given an indubitable amount of personality and charm from its committed actors living and breathing in the sketched-out character dynamics. a fun watch on movie-star energy and Tokyo setting alone. although the larger universe logistics invade what's mostly a contained morally ambiguous tale of revenge, it's all handled with enough sincerity that I wouldn't mind a direct sequel to this - a win as far as I'm concerned.

  • Old



    daughter: that's the rapper, Mid-Sized Sedan!
    dad: is his surname Sedan?

    Intentionality is always elusive with Shyamalan, but there's a sense of confidence here washing over the extremist vibe (every choice is bold with a capital B) that makes you feel like you're in good hands. It's less concerned with exploring maturity in relation to age, instead wanting to be a B-movie where the substance is the fantastical setting and the enjoyment is derived from the characters being thrust upon it. A ridiculous time, but a good time nonetheless. With that said, a part of me wishes Gaspar Noe had made this movie.

Popular reviews

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    A period of a neighborhood in flux told through the stories of those who inhabit it. It’s a whole LOT of movie, treading an exorbitant amount of ground, but In the Heights dazzles with its vibrant musical numbers, charms with its great performances, grounds its emotions in reality, and moves with such confidence that it reels you in for almost the whole shebang. It’s definitely the most crowd-pleasing movie that I’ve witnessed in theaters all year, and a much-needed reminder - after the disaster of Cats (2020) - that well-crafted musicals just can’t be beat.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    An underutilization of every element at its disposal. With material consisting of twisted parenting ideologies and mind-controlled women being trained to kill on demand and revoked of their ability to reproduce, I’d like to watch the non-MCU version of the script where every great dramatic setup doesn’t result in a cheap comedic payoff or a quick cutaway to indulge in a (simple) plot because as it’s served, this is a tonally deaf concoction that makes you wonder if they want us to care about these characters.

    mcu fatigue + bad movie = unhappy sammy