West Side Story ★★★★

West Side Story is a story about the rivalry between two New York gangs and a Romeo-Juliet like love story that emerges from those surroundings. This story is told through the lens of a musical and it's absolutely the better for it. The choreography is absolutely stunning and despite a large amount of movement that is present in each frame, it all feels so elegant. Each actor commits themselves to the role and every single little movement is so smooth and entrancing to watch. It's the perfect complement to the catchy and vivid music. The music just dances around in your head... it's unforgettable. The colors and scenery also deserve a mention as they capture the dream-like quality of the movie. There are flaws here and the third act falls flat compared to the first two acts, but it doesn't really matter because this movie just generates an unfathomable amount of excitement. I think I like musicals!

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