• Free Guy

    Free Guy


    love ryan and he’s hilarious as always and started off good but wayyy too cheesy. i like my movies like how i like my pizza, some cheese but not too much.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    the cinematography was amazing, acting was amazing but i did not like the plot as much as i wanted to. The plot felt dragged out and there were certain scenes i think could have been cut out because they were unnecessary to be honest.

  • The Mask

    The Mask


    haven’t seen since i was a kid. has some funny quotes for sure but other than that pretty poor quality other than the fact that they got Jim Carry of course because he’s always good

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    i’m being gracious giving it a 4 1/2 but it really surprised me and the plot twists were great but there were some plot holes that did stand out so that’s why it’s definitely not a 5 but it is better than a 4

  • Cruella



    didn’t like you sometimes but you ended up being cool other times. you’re a boss ass bitch so you get 2 1/2 for being a bitch

  • Midsommar



    the most fucked up movie i’ve seen in a while... i’m left speechless.