Toy Story 4 ★★★★

Can you teach an old toy new tricks? Well, Pixar has shown us that you can for sure teach an old series new tricks... because Toy Story 4 easily recaptures that good ol' toy story charm-- and yet it also manages to feel fresh with its extra dash of weirdness, a surprisingly deep tread into existential waters, and-- as always-- a whole lot of genuine heart.

Featuring some terrific animation, wonderful voice-acting, and a fast, inventive story, this rip-roaring adventure zips us from rescue hijinks to hastily made plans, from flashy carnival rides to creepy antique stores ... and somehow, somewhere along the way, it smuggles in a fascinatingly deep exploration of purpose, connection, and moving on and moving forward. It shows how there's a thin, delicate balance between finding fulfillment in fierce loyalty and connection to another, or finding it through an independent journey, in confronting and resolving one's personal sense of existential uncertainty.

Hilarious, heartfelt, vibrantly colourful, and moving... Toy Story 4 concludes on a powerful note that reinforces how truly remarkable it is to step back and see just how far these toys have made it and how much they've been through since their first film.

P.S. just feel like I have to compliment Duke Caboom on how utterly awesome he is

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