Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★½

- Dr. Strange is a surgeon and then can't do surgeon stuff because his hands don't work kind of like Nip/Tuck

- Dr. Strange is a mean surgeon who told a guy no once but now he needs that same guy to tell him yes!!!

- Dr. Strange thinks he can't do the magic because his hands!!! but then a guy with no hand does it and *~*wow*~*

- Chiwetel is wise and black and he will help you, White Doctor!

- Dr. Strange says "that's a thing" because the kids say that too!!!

- Sad Dr. Strange has a long sad beard but then Suddenly Good at Magic Dr. Strange shaves sad beard because sad beard is a metaphor!

- Tilda Swinton is not acting. This is how she behaves at home. 

Okay I can't this movie was fine and obviously had great visual effects and also Mads was in it!!!