Midsommar ★★★★

**notes on the director’s cut**

THIS is the version of the movie I wanted initially. Not just extra footage, the director’s cut adds valuable context and depth without removing any of the mystery. Relationships are deepened and elaborated, and the more questionable moments of the plot feel far more intentional. This cut has me well and truly sold. 

Highlights on the extra footage:
- an extended Dany/Christian scene in America after the party where Christian gets cornered into inviting Dany
- an additional nighttime ritual after the ättestupa
- a nighttime argument between Christian and Dany that I’m *shocked* wasn’t in the original cut
- a longer cut of the scene in Siv’s house that helps justify Christian’s final actions
- way more development around Christian’s thesis (my biggest original gripe)

I still didn’t get the moment from the trailer with the levitation, but I’ll settle for the moment where Will Poulter says he’s going to stick his finger in the ättestupa man’s butt

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