Shirley ★★★★

It’s a testament that with someone else’s script, Hollywood’s fastest shooting star, and a larger than life subject that SHIRLEY is able to feel so singular, and so uniquely like a Josephine Decker film.

Using ingredients of everything from WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? to 3 WOMEN to Shirley Jackson’s own work, Dekker slow cooks a complex stew of a biopic, served handily by both Moss and Stuhlbarg.

Much like VIRGINIA WOOLF, the elder couple tends to steal the show here, but Odessa Young nears greatness in her scenes with Moss. Stuhlbarg and Moss are a dream (or nightmare?) pair, both at the top of their game and overdue for a biographical showcase like this. Logan Lerman is... there! And cute!

The kind of movie I’d leave a festival screening being thrilled about, and the kind I’d tell friends to go see in theaters. It’s a shame we can’t do either, but with its immediate VOD availability maybe it will find the audience it deserves.

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