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  • Pajama Party

    Pajama Party


    Annette Funicello singing ballads about inanimate objects in order to express her frustration with boys has me looking around my apartment doing the same... which is strange, because Tommy Kirk never did anything to me... or for me, for that matter.  

    Isn’t it amazing that with all the weird and absurd choices made throughout this series of movies, it’s Annette’s musical moments that are the most awkward and bizarre of all — both in and out of context?  Sublime in a squirm-worthy way, as if she can only express herself in third-rate ballads, often with chorused vocals.  Poor Annette.  Poor little object.

  • Dark Shadows

    Dark Shadows


    I usually have such empathy for anyone who doesn’t know who or what they want to be in this world.  Why can’t I feel the same way about movies?  

    Like this movie, the Tim Burton-ized version of Dark Shadows, which is part homage, part parody, part sincere gothic melodrama, sometimes all three at once, while not really successful at any of them.  This movie doesn’t know who or what it is.  

    That should be sad.  I don’t feel…

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  • The Cool Ones

    The Cool Ones


    For a minute, I thought the blonde-haired, blue-eyed romantic leads of this regressively bonkers 60's dance-craze styled musical comedy wouldn't get together... but golly, I sure was wrong!

    To be fair, I almost peed myself laughing during two of the most absurdly ridiculous musical numbers in succession I've even seen on film.  If it was intentional, then mission accomplished!

  • Mulan



    If you’re looking for the right Disney animated film prime for a live-action remake, it’s this one. That’s because it’s not one of the great works, but merely a good one where the problematic elements can be eliminated or better developed in live action, if accomplished properly with the right tone.

    This isn’t much of a review of Mulan (1998), which took me 21 years to finally see, as I’d skipped it all these years.  I don’t think age has…