Saving Christmas ½

Oh pretentious faith films, 2014 has seen you flourishing in the eyes of my hatred.

Kirk Cameron looks like a pompous idiot in this film, whining about how Christians are not in the real 'Christmas spirit'.
This is preachy as shit. I can never take Kirk Cameron seriously again.
Hell, I'm ignostic and I celebrate Christmas, but I don't constantly bug people about celebrating it.

Kirk Cameron is a fucking conformist!
That's right I said it!

No one needs to see this movie. Don't let the title or poster rope you in, because this is one of the year's worst films.

It's absolutely pretentious, mind-bafflingly terrible.

Mr. Cameron, you need to realize that people don't need to give two shits about the true spirit of Christmas; Christians have rights to celebrate it any way they want.

This film also manages to be unintentionally hilarious.

Don't let some moron from 'Left Behind' tell you how to celebrate the holiday season, nor Christmas.

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