Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

This is a slightly different Godzilla film that still feels much more authentic that the last two Hollywood efforts.

As Godzilla wreaks havoc, from the get go, the human story focuses on the political machinations associated with such a disaster. This helps ground the story and give it a fresh spin.

There are some great shots of Godzilla smashing things, people running, Godzilla standing in a burning city at night, people running, Godzilla frozen whilst recharging, people running, etc.

The effects aren't quite up to Hollywood standard, but they were good enough for me and to be honest they could have used a sock puppet with that score and I'd have been sold, it was incredible.

My only two criticisms are that, like his tail the run time was a bit too long. Bring on the sequel!

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