Suspiria ★★★½

I guess this movie never felt like it sold itself. There was too much being withheld when it came to information that would move the plot along. It didn’t feel like much was happening, but it also didn’t share the atmospheric, impending-doom sort of quality of the first one that kept it interesting. I’m wondering why Guadagnino chose to go so gray with the color scheme of this remake? A very bold choice, but not one that paid off, in my opinion. I still felt it was very ambitious and definitely became it’s own thing that stands alone from the original, which I appreciate. The choice to incorporate this political turmoil backdrop was not well-incorporated either. The choreographed scenes were stunning and there was some really great body horror. Kind of made me want to watch Mandy again.

3.5 Good effort, confusing and lost my interest a few times

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