In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

pain, just pain. objectively technically masterful. i seem to be falling into a deep hole of movies i'll dub the 'doomed romance' genre. and they all hurt. i think the one reason i liked this just a LITTLE less than i expected was because it just there was really no relief, ever....maybe that's realistic but idk it just felt like an hour and a half of pain. still so gorgeous though, those almost-stills of the characters walking down the hallway drenched in red....pain. even the scenes of them brushing by each other on the stairwell, just barely allowing themselves to make any superfluous eye contact that could be perceived as presumptuous...pain! the score is beautifulllllll, and i will probably listen to quizas quizas quizas differently for the rest of my life in the same vein as what chungking express did to california dreamin' for me. tony leung chiu-wai is really everything to me as always and i hate seeing him sad. every single cheongsam in this movie is literally breathtaking like yeah the constant serves. well conclusion: Pain.