Obvious Child ★★★★★

Absolute brilliance.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite rom-coms of the 21st century, and perhaps of all time. Even on a third watch, Obvious Child still manages to surprise me (there's a lot more bathroom humor than I thought, and I'm totally OK with that). Jenny Slate's lead performance is exceptional. Gillian Robespierre is a modern-day Nora Ephron in the making and should have been nominated for Best Director and Original Screenplay. Jake Lacy is such an adorable love interest, even if his character is pretty bland. Gabby Hoffman and Gabe Leidman, though their roles are small, are perfectly cast as supporting players. The whole thing is just so fucking funny and sad and pure and heartwarming and beautiful to look at. I love laughing and crying at the same time!!!

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