Magnolia ★★★★

Take a shot every time Julianne Moore says “fuck”

I’m conflicted on what to say about Magnolia because not only has everything already been said about it but also it’s just a movie that’s hard to describe in words. Simply put, it’s a masterful movie that’s absolutely incredible when it comes to entertainment value. Its ability to engage you is so impressive, you not only never miss a beat but are always interested in what’s going on. Magnolia explores the topic of life, something that all films try to do, but here it’s in a unique and emotionally layered and complex way. Each characters resembles different qualities and personality traits that show us the amount of variety there is in man kind. It takes a completely amazing and unbelievable situation but when you think about it, you realize it’s one that can feel realistic. So yeah I think this movie has a lot to say about life as a whole and how different people deal with in their own ways. It shows us how basic human interaction can lead to chaos, and how, without that chaos, life would be a lot more uninteresting to study and talk about. Fucking amazing movie. 🐸🌧🐸🌧🐸

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