Persona ★★★★

On a secluded, meditative and peaceful location, a relationship is built away from the turmoil the comes with society. Done through facial emotions, confessions and internal strengths, the way the connection is portrayed feels seemingly unconventional. The performers are perfectly raw as each breath, stutter, reaction, body movement, and word spoken appear natural and real, giving the product a true feeling of authenticity. Words will never be enough for this.

Persona isn’t just a movie, film or even experience, it’s a hauntingly bizarre yet beauteously human dream. With a style that is clean and purposefully solidified in its color palette, sound that is incredibly quiet and subtle, you feel as if the screen is always on the verge of breaking, exemplifying the chaos that lies underneath silence. Bergman understands how to make a film feel ultimately surreal yet do it with such subtlety.

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