The Bridge on the River Kwai ★★★½

The Bridge on the River Kwai surprised the hell outta me. If you know me, you know I hate long, slow movies. This was just great. It started out as a solid, pretty good 6/10, but that last act brought it up to a 7. The directing is epic, grand, impressive and each shot is filled with everlasting beauty and stunning colors. The way this movie is shot is simply amazing. It captured the feel of the jungle, and labor camp with ease, and embraced the viewer into the characters' position. The dynamic between the separate groups of people is really interesting. I enjoyed watching all the conflict. The surprisingly good screenplay showed the small, yet interactive conversation. It's definitely "style over substance", and sometimes the decisions made with the story are a little overdramatic, but if you stick with it, that ending alone is totally worth it.

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