The Prince of Egypt ★★★½

Recommended by Luke (Go follow him!)

Maybe not my favorite, but The Prince of Egypt is easily the best film that Dreamworks has put out. Every song in this movie is fucking amazing. The way each adds to the storytelling is honestly very impressive. The voice work is stunning and all the characters are very well written. It was really cool to watch this story unfold as I learned about it many times in the past. The animation isn't something I can praise enough. Probably up there with Ghibli films as some of the best 2D animation out there. My god, it's fantastic. It's realistic, epic, and STUNNING. I love all the backgrounds and the "Plagues of Egypt" scene was just on another level. Also, the scene where Moses parts the sea was mind-blowing. Not considering these spoilers because it's in the bible. Let's just say this was much more interesting than anything I've ever learned in Hebrew School!

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