The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Who is Julie? A frantically ever-changing yet all together intelligent and experienced individual. The world of romance is right underneath her. 

I: An influence from societal norms hits, and Julie’s intent gains confusion and illusion. 

II: The formation of a new, troubling path begins in a search for layers within freedom. More comes out of this experience than anticipated. 

III: The release of inner rage, conflict and passion combine to form a personal piece of art. 

IV: Showcasing your historical and awkward roots are ultimately a way of connecting yourself more to your loved one.

V: A horribly coincidental experience that’s the result of previous suspicion and sneaky behavior that reveals the truth within getting caught in an untraditional manner, and allows for a surprising disclosure within its chaos. 

VI: The lurking from the other side, is the alternate perspective more than a vibration, a hope? 

VII: New ideas turning into a new lifestyle.

VIII: A brutally hypnotic showcase of psychedelic visions providing an entrancing atmosphere. 

IX: The inability to escape past feelings yet those feelings have turned into troublesome realities and unfortunate results.

X: The reassurance of love and its ability to control one’s thought process. 

XI: The breathtaking downfall of a life-long journey that physically must end in order for authenticity to play its part. 

XII: The termination of the past that acts as a deeply reflective form of observatory maturity. 

Epilogue: Life repeats itself, opportunity is delightfully haunting and just around the corner.  

The Worst Person in the World is a marvelously authentic, episodic look at modern relationships, sex, attraction and general emotional stability. I’m so glad that this exists and Renate Reinsve is a movie star.

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