Wolfwalkers ★★★½


Not only is Wolfwalkers one of the most beautiful looking animated movies I’ve seen, but also just one of the most beautiful looking movies I’ve seen. Each shot impressed the hell outta me. I was completely transfixed by this film’s visible beauty throughout the runtime, and will continue to encourage more animated movies to look like this. One thing in particular that I loved was the look of the trees, which felt so unique and detailed. I mean... everything was so unique and detailed, but the trees just stuck out to me the most. The character design is simple yet effective, allowing a memorable and detailed look to each persona. While the story isn’t necessarily unpredictable, it was always engaging. It’s quite rare that I felt bored or uninterested in its story and characters. A worthy animated flick that has a great adventurous feel to it with some of the most stunning visuals I’ve seen.

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