Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★

Snake is back to run a very similar mission, but this time, it's in L.A.! I've seen people call this essentially a remake and I totally get why they feel that way. It has a lot of similarities to the first, only it's crazier and way more over the top.

Having a John Carpenter film use so much CGI effects is kind of a surreal experience. It's not something you're expecting to get. They did not age well at all. Though it looks rough, some of the sequences brought forth are zany fun, if a bit ridiculous.

One of my favorites was Snake's sub plowing through the ocean, as buildings from "old LA" are left behind, nothing but memories. Then a CG shark comes by and Snake also passes Universal Studios. Okay?

A comment I made for my review on New York mentioned how I was disappointed there wasn't more action. Here, they made up for it tenfold. Again, it gets silly sometimes, like the car chase as Snake catches up channeling his inner surfer dude. And the basketball death match. Yeah, it gets nuts sometimes.

I'll admit, this one is a huge guilty pleasure for me. Objectively speaking, it's rough as a film. Despite that, I had an incredible time with it. If Harrison Ford can come back for Indiana Jones and Sylvester Stallone can come back for Rambo, then I'm calling for a third Escape From movie with Kurt.

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