Interstellar ★★★★★

Words... Come on brain... I need words. Here's one: WOW.

By my rating, I am not trying to say this is a perfect movie, there are some flaws to be found. A couple moments can be too predictable and the first act was a tad slow.

But in the way that it swept through my presence, kept me locked to my chair, and rendered my entire being immovable, it deserves that rating.

There's this adrenaline that surged through me, while at the same time, giving me a sense of tranquility. Like I had just achieved a proud accomplishment, yet I had contributed nothing.

It's been a long time since a movie (okay, besides Blade Runner 2049), made me experience these emotions. You know that sense of wonder you'd feel when you were a kid, like what was in front of your eyes was pure magic? That.

I've given a lot of films the badge of a 5 star rating. I realize that was kind of a mistake now, as it may seem to devalue the worth of certain entries. I can confidently say that THIS is among the greater I've placed that rating on.

Why then, does this receive certain Oscar nods like Visual Effects and Score, but not even a nomination for Screenplay, Cinematography, Director, Best Actor, Picture, any of those?

I don't care that some of the plot elements aren't completely sculpted with nose-hair accuracy, this remains one of the most self-aware, most intelligent, and best of all, most intoxicating script I have experienced in years.

Included in that, is the masterful work of many actors. The three I can hand-pick as the best of the bunch would be McConaughey, Michael Caine, and Anne Hathaway.

In the past, I didn't like McConaughey. His roles seemed cocky and annoying, but after viewing this, and having seen Dallas Buyers Club in the past, I would consider myself a fan now. A heartbreaking performance.

And besides Caine as Alfred in the Nolan Batman trilogy, this would be my next favorite of his. There was one scene in particular that happened to pull on my heartstrings, among several others in this entire thing.

And yes, I'm stoked this won Best Visual Effects, but how about the FRAMING of those effects? No recognition at all? Also like Blade Runner 2049, we're treated to some jaw-dropping vistas with a scope as large as the aspirations of this group of adventurers.

Perhaps there is a significant bias, because sci-fi wins me over roughly any day of the week. Still, I can recognize when there is depth, and when there is a copy cat or a pitiful view of what the audience would enjoy.

Normally, I would have stopped myself long ago, but I really want to get into conversation about this remarkable piece of film. I honestly don't care this is possibly my longest review yet, when I finally figured out things to say, it all broke free like water from a dam.

If you're ever like me and get scared easily by long runtimes in film, and you haven't seen this yet, stop what you're doing. Find this. Experience it.

"Do not go gentle into that good night..."

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