Jaws ★★★★★

The terror of the deep is still crowned king, 45 years later. When I think of a timeless film, this is absolutely the reigning champion of holding up.

To this day, Jaws still keeps people far away from the beaches. While sharks do not act the way they do in this film, it showed how treacherous and unpredictable aquatic life can be. Deep water is a major fear for people, in fear of the unknown.

This capitalizes on that idea, by only teasing glimpses of the menace that lurks in the water. What exactly can this beast do, and for how long, until it is stopped?

Every moment is believable. Though the shark is vastly larger than its real life counterpart, not one moment creates falsehoods. People are taken, property is destroyed, the town is scared out of their minds, but it also won't stop them from enjoying the life they are used to.

It takes the experts to fully wake people up, get into the nitty and gritty. I love that they delve into the science, and spend a lot of time in the open water.

Many people call this Spielburg's best, and it's a close call for me as well. I say this and Jurassic Park are tied for me. Even though I've viewed this probably 4 times now, it never gets old, and I am sure it never will.

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