King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

Icon of all icons, King Kong arrives in 1933 to amaze the world! Well, it's not so amazing now, but for the time that came out, it truly was a new wonder.

For starters, being a mere 8 years after The Lost World, you can already tell the stop motion is vastly improved. Not to say it's perfect, but way more smooth and calculated in the beasts' motions.

Just the scene with Kong and the T-Rex alone is so satisfying to watch, not to mention way more brutal than I was expecting.

Speaking of brutality, the violence here may be tame and often hilarious now, but the fact that they show everything from people being eaten to them falling to their deaths is enough to make your mouth go agape, thinking to back when this was released.

I will say for most of the human side of things, I couldn't stand it. That's why this isn't getting a higher rating. The acting was fairly wooden at first and even though Fay Wray is very pretty, she mostly screams, leaving very little to impress.

Given all that, I can't deny this is a monumental film with a legacy bigger than the monster they created. I love what this movie did for future monster bashes and what it did for stop-motion animation.

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