King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

Man, I forgot how much screaming is in that movie. Once Ann gets kidnapped by Kong, 90% of the dialogue seems to be terrified screaming!

But you gotta appreciate the spectacle behind the whole thing. As soon as they enter the island, there is constantly shit happening. Fights, monsters, disaster, it has as much action in its 2nd half, than 5 movies from the black & white era together!

Of course you can't really rate it by modern day standards. The characters are flat, the acting is stiff, the FX don't hold up for one second. Those aren't dealbreakers for me. It's what movies were like back then. But all in all it's still a damn entertaining movie.

Random observation: Where does this myth, that Ann loved Kong too comes from? She was absolutely traumatized and even stated in one scene that she can't even look at him!
#018 in 2018