Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

Lady Bird works like a memory.

When you're living it, you enjoy it, you are happy, you feel good, but you might not appreciate it in the right way, you might not be fully aware of your feelings. And then, Lady Bird hangs up the phone and the screen goes to black. You walk out of the theater with a big smile and very happy and you're not sure why. And then, you remember...

You remember every house and every road you saw, every laugh you heard, every hug you felt. You remember every tear, every kiss, every scream and every smile. You remember friends, you remember family. You remember deception and sadness, you remember the desire of becoming more and every little glimpse of hope. You remember every fight and every reconcilation.

And wherever you are, you feel like you're home. And whenever you remember, you feel like it was just a moment ago. And you are happy again but now you know why.

So, thank you, Greta. Thank you for directing like if you've done it a thousand times, and thank you for writing what's in your heart. And thank you, Saoirse. Thank you, not for being the best actress ever, but for being a real person.

I'm in love with Lady Bird.

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